Fiddle lessons

Briana is a San Antonio fiddler who specializes in many styles ranging from bluegrass-irish.

She studied with fiddle master, Dale Morris of North Texas & shares her knowledge with students ranging from 4-adult, beginner-advanced. Recitals are two times per year offering students the opportunity to perform in a professional setting.

Briana also holds a music performance degree with honors from UT Austin and performs with local Symphonies. She also plays in the violin & cello duo called San Antonio strings with her husband Basel Sarweh. 

Call today to set up a fiddle lesson with Briana and check out the FAQ section below!

​happy fiddling!

Bonus: Check out my free fiddle sheet music page!

  1. 1
    violin vs. fiddle
    People often ask what the difference is between a fiddle and violin. The answer is.. not much; sometimes the instruments are set up differently with the fiddler having a flatter bridge so he/she can play double-stops easier. But thats about it!
  2. 2
    do you teach beginners?
    Yes, I teach beginners the fiddle. However, the first few months have to cover the basics of holding the fiddle, etc. before you become Charlie Daniels :)
  3. 3
    how long are the lessons?
    Lessons are once per week and are 30,45, or 60 minute sessions. Usually for beginners, 30 minutes will suffice.
  4. 4
    My private studio is located near 410/Blanco. For an exact location please call to set up an appointment.
  5. 5
    do you provide instruments?
    An instrument is provided ONLY for the trial lesson. After that I would rent an instrument. The cost is low to rent and if you have a string pop or such, the music store covers that.
  6. 6
    free trial lesson
    The first lesson is free and offered to potential students who are considering regular lessons. Call today!